Ubuntu the Penguin

Little Ubuntu the penguin lived in a small cottage near a forest.

One day, Ubuntu went for a walk. He saw a man who looked very tired. “Who are you and why are you so tired?” asked Ubuntu.

“My name is Bill the Gatekeeper, and I am tired because I have just been fighting with that apple over there.”

Ubuntu walked over to the apple. “Hello apple,” he said. “What are you fighting over?”

“Do you see that silver castle over there? That’s the castle of wealth. Whoever lives there will be the happiest person in the world.”

“I want to live in that beautiful castle,” said Ubuntu. “But I don’t like to fight.”

Then he heard something. Was someone talking to him? It seemed to be coming from above. Ubuntu looked up. The sun itself was speaking to him. “There is another castle, you know,” said the sun. “The golden castle of happiness. Whoever lives there will be the happiest person in the world. But it lies deep in the dark forest, and even my light cannot get there. You will need a guide.”

Ubuntu went to Bill the Gatekeeper. “Will you help me find the golden castle of happiness?” he asked.

“Go away,” said Bill. “Never mention that castle to me again. It doesn’t exist.”

Ubuntu went to the apple. “Will you help me find the golden castle of happiness?” he asked.

“I’d love to,” answered the apple kindly. “But I have to keep fighting Bill the Gatekeeper.”

“I can help you,” said a shy voice behind Ubuntu.

“Who are you?” asked Ubuntu.

“I am Firefox, who brings light into the darkness. I can light up the forest path for you.” And indeed, his tail was alight with flame.

So they set off into the forest to find the golden castle of happiness.

They came to a young man in a red hat. “Hello,” said Ubuntu. “Can you direct me to the golden castle of happiness? Or do you want to come with us?”

“It’s that way,” said the young man. “But I can’t come with you.”

“Why not?” asked Firefox.

“You see,” answered the young man. “I want both the silver castle of wealth and the golden castle of happiness. So I live in this little hut exactly halfway between.”

“That man was too greedy,” said Firefox as they walked on. “He wants more than he can have, so he gets nothing at all.”

Finally, they reached the castle. But the door was locked, and they couldn’t get in.

“Let me help,” said a large horned animal. “I’m a gnu, and these strong horns can break through any lock.” He ran at the lock a few times and it fell off cleanly.

Ubuntu, Firefox, and the gnu entered the castle and lived there happily ever after.

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