Iceweasel: Update

Not very long ago, I said that everyone was talking about Iceweasel. Not so anymore. Remember my prediction? I said it didn't matter at all, and now no one even remembers that there is such a thing. I currently use Firefox because it's in the Ubuntu repos and I don't really care so long as it's open source.

killall -9 Microsoft_inc

I wish it were that easy. Ever try to kill a process with the "Windows Task Manager?" If a process isn't responding, it simply won't die. Not exactly sure why that is but it always says "are you sure you want to do this?" (or something similar) and then doesn't seem to do it even if you click "OK." Luckily, even if you don't kill Windows processes the WTM way, they tend to die on their own. And that is what will probably come of another "runaway process."

Microsoft may be bringing about it own demise. Although unaware, Microsoft's life depends on what it calls "piracy." Think of it this way: bloggers and news analysts are saying that Vista's "anti-piracy" tactics will turn people to Linux.

Or think about this: many people see Windows as easy "home territory" where they know how to do everything. It's appeal, and their idea of "easy" or "user-friendly," is defined by how similar something is to what they're used to. And what they're used to is currently (drum roll please) XP or 98. Although the new UI is better designed, it will lose the "old faithful" feel which has made so many consider it easier than Linux or OSX.

Microsoft is tearing itself to pieces, so lets just sit back and enjoy the show.