Gonzales Resigns!

In the seemingly never-ending march toward the total resignation of the entire administration, Alberto Gonzales has resigned from his post as Attorney General. In my opinion, Mr. Gonzales had, like Rumsfeld before him, been a buffer between the public and the vice-president, a sort of whipping boy, who took the blame for what were clearly the vice-president or president's bad decisions.

To me this seems like paving the way for Bush's own resignation. Think about it: the replacements have never been the old cronies who would risk all for their President. They are politicians themselves, and won't go down willingly for Bush.

It's certainly a start.


A Departure

This may be a bit of a departure from my normal writing, but I think this song really does capture some of my philosophy.

For those of you who are wondering, yes, this song is from a Disney movie, Pocahontas, and it took me a few times hearing it to really take it for what it is, to appreciate what the lyrics are saying. So sit back, relax, put your prejudice behind you, and just listen to the words of wisdom.

free music

Hope you enjoyed that!