Free Speech

"If we don't protect freedom of speech, how will we know who the assholes are?"--The Onion


Iran: A Terrorist Threat or Another Excuse?

Please post comments to this! I want to know what people think. Is Iran going to destroy the US? Is the Bush administration going to invade?

For Bush, it's a matter of having an excuse to get rid of the country he still claims is provoking resistance in Iraq. Iran has been a threat since 2003 because it shares a border with Iraq, so Bush probably will invade for his own reasons.

While it's true that the US army would wipe out Iran long before it could do much to the US, it might appeal to the Jihadist mentality to take as many "infidels" with them as possible.


Libby Points the Finger

Libby finally admitted it! Bush gave him permission to leak. Let's hope this leads to a complete loss by the Republican Party of all important senate and house seats, and the presidency in 2008. Note: the heading should be a link.


Hudson School Environmental Club

The Hudson School Environmental Club, which Quintin founded, finally has a website! Check this out, its not that bad.


Freeway Blogger

Go to this page, and scroll down to the "know your history" bit. It's a bit scary, but many Americans actually beleive this kind of thing. We either ignore the truth or make mountains out of molehills: I seriously doubt that Fidel Castro is as dangerous to the US as Ali Khamenei, leader of Iran. And who do we embargo? This is rediculous.



I wonder what kind of Ads I would get if I made an AdSense thing on this blog. Amazon.com: Communist Manifesto at new reduced price? Socialist: find exactly what you want on eBay? This?

What's up with Google?

Don't be evil. Apparently, this only applies to Google when it's not doing something fairly evil itself. Is it really possible to be a benevolent corporation? Why is Google helping the Chinese but not the US? Not that I'm in favor of censorship in either country, but why China, which will probably misuse the ability to control search results?

Still, some companies have continued to help humans as much as themselves: I'm thinking of Red Hat Linux and Sun Microsystems. And even Microsoft, may its name be blotted out, has links on its site to some free or open-source programs. So just because Google Pack lets one download open-source software, we have to keep in mind that Google is out only to make money. One of the Google Pack products is the trial version of Trillian, an IM client that does not support Google Talk unless one spends $25 on the full version.