Update Concerning FF2.0 and Grandma-Friendly FOSS

I am in Atlanta this weekend on a double mission. Firstly, or at least nominally, I am here to help my Grandmother, who has been using Windows ME since the turn of the century and WordPerfect considerably longer, adjust to Windows XP and the modern world. It has taken considerable persuasion to get her to use the new XP box and not the old 98 monster in the attic.

Secondly and more personally, I am trying to win her over to the FOSS world. I have, within the past several hours, installed Firefox 2.0, OpenOffice.org, and AVG free. That may not seem like much, but she proceeded to ask me if I could come down one time and install Linux on her computer. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! I must have done something right.

As for Firefox 2.0, I simply love it. The two add-ons I used to install immediately when I installed Firefox were Tab Mix Plus and some theme, usually Abstract PC. Tab Mix Plus has been pretty much completely incorporated and the horrendous 1.5 theme has been replaced by a theme reminiscent of the Ubuntu Human theme.

PS: If you are reading this, said Grandmother has read this post without forcing me to unpost it.



Everyone in the Gnu/Linux world (or the Linux world or the Gnu world or the Mozilla world or the FOSS world or whatever) has been publishing their opinions on Iceweasel, the new trademark-free Firefox clone from Gnu and Debian, so here's mine:

Who cares? I mean this totally honestly. Who cares whether Debian uses another name for Firefox? People are talking about how Firefox's market share will be damaged, this is destroying brand recognition, it will make people feel unsafe using Linux. Wait a minute. Just wait a minute. Ubuntu, the most user-friendly and most-used distribution, already uses a "generic" icon for Firefox. So what's wrong with also changing the name? Really, I have trouble seeing the difference it will make to anyone other than a FOSS fanatic. Personally, I try to use FOSS, but I don't cringe at the prospect of good, free, proprietary software if the FOSS equivalent is much less powerful.



Rather an ominous title, no? Anyway, I was looking around on the web and I found arguments (which I am inclined to agree with) that God didn't create the world, but rather a Flying Spaghetti Monster. Interesting idea, no? So here's Michelangelo remastered:


New Feed

I have switched to the new Blogger Beta so if you subscribe to an RSS or Atom feed the URL has changed. Sorry for any inconvenience.


I found this on Quintin's blog. A good play on the Clinton impeachment and the Foley scandal.


Linux in Developing Countries

Firstly, my apologies to anyone who might actually read this blog, as I haven't posted in a while.

Anyway, I read in the New York Times today that Libya has signed a contract with One Laptop Per Child, which will provide Libya's schools with a $100 laptop for each of Libya's 1.2 million schoolchildren. As you might expect, these laptops will be running the best and least expensive OS in the world: Linux.

Actually, this represents a growing trend towards Open Source in developing nations. More on this (hopefully) later.