What's up with Google?

Don't be evil. Apparently, this only applies to Google when it's not doing something fairly evil itself. Is it really possible to be a benevolent corporation? Why is Google helping the Chinese but not the US? Not that I'm in favor of censorship in either country, but why China, which will probably misuse the ability to control search results?

Still, some companies have continued to help humans as much as themselves: I'm thinking of Red Hat Linux and Sun Microsystems. And even Microsoft, may its name be blotted out, has links on its site to some free or open-source programs. So just because Google Pack lets one download open-source software, we have to keep in mind that Google is out only to make money. One of the Google Pack products is the trial version of Trillian, an IM client that does not support Google Talk unless one spends $25 on the full version.


Pater said...

What's up with the smaller font? Are you trying to discriminate against old people? Hey, we're mad too.

Louise Simba said...

There's nothing wrong with only being out there to make money. This is a capitalist country!

Anschel said...

One: Why are you commenting on a post which as far as I know has been archived? Write something recent! And in case you didn't guess, I am against this being a capitalist country. Germany was a Nazi country, did that make it OK to kill millions of people? This is a Republican-dominated pro-war country, does that make it OK to torture suspected terrorists?