Libby Points the Finger

Libby finally admitted it! Bush gave him permission to leak. Let's hope this leads to a complete loss by the Republican Party of all important senate and house seats, and the presidency in 2008. Note: the heading should be a link.

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Dylan Schaffer said...

It's not that I disagree with you about the merit of Bush and Co. and their cow-towing congress, but I think you're overstating the significance of this. All it means is that Bush allowed the leak of the intellgence reports that were handed out to the press the next week quite publicly. The only difference is that Judy Miller got it a few days before. Also, there's no indication Valerie Plame's name was anywhere in that document. So, while it proves that Bush was full of you know what when he said he'd fire anyone who leaked anything, it's hardly an impeachable offense. I mean, if the Prez says it's not classified, then by definition, it ain't.

I'm afraid none of the disasters of the last six years are going to help the democrats one iota in congress. Tom Delay and his friends helped ensure that the incumbent Reep congress would stay just that -- incumbent. And until the Dems get smart and come up not only with a real agenda and a real leader (Hilary? Please? She's a war monger like the rest of em), we're in for more of the same.

Great blog, by the way.