Stupid People

Why are people so stupid? This never makes sense to me. People know that one thing is better, but they do something else without stopping to think. Plenty of drivers believe that it would be better for the environment if they took public transportation. They can even explain exactly why it would be faster and no more expensive. And yet they drive to work every day. Why? Because they have been given a voucher for free parking at the parking lot four blocks away from their office, farther away than the nearest subway station. Of course, even with this voucher, it is faster and just as cheap and better for the environment to take public transportation, but they choose to drive because it makes them feel that they are saving money.

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Louise Simba said...

Also, they're used to their routine. They've been driving for a while and don't especially feel like changing it. That's not an excuse, but it needs to be taken into account. Thing is, people know what's better for their enviroemnt, but they don't especially care about saving it themselves. They'll support anyone who wants to go ahead and help out, but can't be bothered to change their routine for it.